Having your home on display for buyers can be stressful.  The uncertainty of how prospective buyers will respond, the need for constant cleaning, inconvenient showings, and buyer criticism can weigh heavily after a while.  But don’t let it get to you.  Keep in mind the following five thoughts and you will get through the process with flying colors!

Thoughtful Preparation

Like most things in life, it’s all in the preparation.  Prepare strategically and the chances of a good outcome increase dramatically.  The key is to start early and give yourself plenty of time to get ready.  Modern buyers have extraordinarily high expectations.  Homes that are hastily put on the market show poorly.  The result is bad showing feedback, extended time on market, and ultimately a lower than desired price.

Work with your Realtor ® to identify a preparation checklist and tackle it in small bites.  Marshall the resources of friends, family, contractors and delegate as much as possible so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Have a Showing Plan

Requests to see your home can happen with little notice.  End each evening by having your home ready for showings the next day.  Designate a place in advance to put away kids’ toys, dog beds, and excessive kitchen countertop items.

Don’t Take It Personally

Getting buyer feedback is important to learning if a course correction is required.  Feedback can sometimes be unkind. Some may not like the decorating.  Others will see liabilities that you thought were strengths.  And of course, there will be those that say you’re overpriced.  The key is to emotionally detach.  Start by thinking of your home as a product that’s vying for the attention of a demanding buyer.  Visit your competition and very objectively evaluate how your home compares.

Listen to the Market

Your home isn’t going to appeal to everyone.  However, we want to eliminate issues that are constant holdbacks.  Are buyers consistently saying they don’t like the wallpaper?  Remove it.  Getting comments of being “dated”?  Refresh the carpet and light fixtures.  Old furniture?  Consider staging. Getting lots of showings and no offers?  Maybe the issue is price.  The market is strong.  So, if you’re not getting offers in the first 45 days, then there must be a disconnect between presentation, location, and price.  Only 2 of those are changeable.  The key is to react quickly.

It’s Going to Sell

Here is a real estate truism: every home sells.  It really does.  So, don’t stress over whether or not it’s going to sell.  The question is how long will it take, and at what price?  The answer to both questions is a function of proper presentation and accurate pricing.  Get those two things right and you will sell fast for the highest price the market will bear.  Savvy Realtors will show you how to get there.