REAL Results: Organizing & Decluttering

Given our increased time indoors, you may feel the urge to organize and declutter your life. The benefits are countless, but the process can be daunting. Want results? Our family has found success using some of these concepts:

  • The Visibility Rule –  According to Dana White in “A Slob Comes Clean”, start with what you see most. If you tackle a junk drawer or your closet, that’s great, but it does little to make a real difference. Instead tackle what you see most everyday but have ignored. Get those areas in ship shape and you WILL feel the improvement.  
  • Declutter First, Organize Second – Seems obvious, but often hard to practice. We need and use far less than we own. Before investing in containers to store it, be real about letting it go.  Visit A Slob Comes Clean for valuable strategies. The newsletter is short, sweet and effective.
  • Create a Chain of Organization Habits – Are you making your bed every day? Start now and change the world, according to Jennifer Dukes Lee. (Click to read more.) You could also read Make Your Bed by Navy Seal Admiral William McRaven. The mindset is meaningful.
  • 5 Minute Rule – Take 5 minutes to clean, organize or declutter a countertop, closet, or any area. Who can’t spare 5 minutes? If it’s a good thing and you have more time, keep going.
  • 5 Item Rule- Toss or donate 5 items EVERY DAY. It doesn’t matter how big or small. By the end of the week, you’ll have moved out 36 items.  (Yep, I’m testing your math skills 😊)
  • Heavy Duty Garbage Bags- Buy them, fill them and toss or donate. Thank goodness Goodwill has reopened for donations!